• Sibelight


Compact CBS in 19"-technology

  • Max Load: 3,5kW/3h - 9kW/1h + 25% aging reserve
  • Version20: max. 20 circuits (6,3A each), Version44: max. 44 circuits (6,3A each),                            Output voltage: 230V AC/DC
  • Line monitoring in standard
  • Free programmable final end circuits for maintained and non-maintained lighting
  • Microprocessor-controlled function- and duration test
  • Programming via computer
  • Automatic monitoring with logbook function
  • Option: Single luminaire monitoring by using addressable modules
  • Option: TWIN mixed installation (maintained and non-maintained luminaires in one circuit)
  • Option: Visualization via computer
  • Option: Printer for recessed mounting
  • Option: LSM-module