• Sibecontrol


19"-technology with free programmable final circuits

Sibecontrol is a central battery system according to VDE 0108-100, DIN EN 50171 and 50172. In appreciation of the modular construction of the system the system will fit for structural conditions.

  • Max. load: 150kW
  • Version44: max. 44 lines (6,3A)
  • Version88: max. 88 lines (6,3A)
  • Version132: max. 132 lines (6,3A)
  • 230V output voltage AC/DC
  • Line monitoring
  • Free programmable final end circuits for maintained and nonmaintained
  • Microprocessor-guided function and battery duration test
  • Programming via PC
  • Logbook function included
  • Optional: Single-luminaire monitoring by using addressable modules (without additional data line)
  • Optional: TWIN-mixed installation of maintained and non-maintained luminaires
  • Optional: visualization on a PC
  • Optional: assembly printer
  • Optional: LSM-module