CBS mounted in E90 fire-resistant housing

Type proofed central battery system mounted into fire-resistant housing MAXX is the first CBS with a fire resistance of 90 minutes. The successful conflagrative test (full load) was done by MPA Stuttgart. The fire resistant housing meets all requirements of an own service room.

  • Certification of 90 minutes resistance against fire
  • Ventilated housing with seperated battery compartment
  • System construction in 19"-technology
  • Max. connection load 7300W/1h resp. 2900W/3h
  • Max. 20 final circuits á 6,3A (815W each circuit)
  • Free programmable final end circuits (maintained, non-maintainedand switched maintained)
  • Line monitoring in standard
  • Single luminaire monitoring without additional data line
  • Centralized monitoring on illuminated LED-display
  • Automatic monitoring with logbook
  • Fault idication contact for the transfer to the building managemant system
  • System visualization on external computer


maxx.pdfMAXX - Product data sheet (0.22 MB)
maxx_ce_gessler.pdfMAXX - EG-Koformitätserklärung (0.12 MB)

Description tender:

maxx_1h_inkl._batterie_1.docMAXX 1h inkl. Batterie (0.04 MB)
maxx_3h_inkl._batterie_1.docMAXX 3h inkl. Batterie (0.04 MB)